Everest Ascent Permits Granted for 328 peoples + Mountains Ascent Permits List (March 2017)

Enthusiasm in Mount Everest ascent has been increased after the 2015 April Earthquake. 328 peoples had already got their permits to ascend the almighty mountain in March.

According to the Tourism Department, in the year 2016, 34 teams and 289 men had gone for ascending the world highest mountain. But this year alone in the month of March, 34 teams with 328 climbers had got the permits.

For the Month of March only, 67 teams of 596 people will be ascending the various mountains of Himalayan nation Nepal. Last year only 98 teams of 745 climbers had got the ascending permit.

Climbers from all over the wold visit Nepal mainly in two seasons of the year. The first season starts from March to May and the second season starts from September to December.


“The climbers who had got the permits and paid the royalty are also continuing their Everest ascent. They were allowed two years to climb Everest without taking additional fee.”, says Durga Dutta Dhakal, spokesman of Tourism Department. Dhakal added, 2017 is the last year to ascend the mountains of Nepal without paying any royalties.

Mountains Ascent Permits for March 2017

Mountain Team Members
Sagarmatha 38 328
Lotshe 8 100
Dhaulagiri 3 22
Makalu 3 34
Amadablam 2 25
Annapurna 2 10
Kanchenjunga Main 2 7
Nuptse 2 19
Gaugiri 2 3
Kanchenjunga South 1 4
Manaslu 1 6
Pumori 1 5
Sarfu IV 1 3
Tengkangpoche 1 5
Yalung Kang 1 2
Malanphulan (Malanfulan) 1 2
Burke Khang 1 2
Thapa Peak 1 2

Besides Mount Everest, 8 teams of 100 climbers are ascending the Lhotse mountain. According to Department of Tourism, climbers of 2-2 teams are ascending Mt. Amadablama, Mt. Annapurna, Thapa Peak, Mt. Kangchenjunga and Mt. Nuptse and had already got their permits.

3-3 teams had got permits to ascend Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Makalu whereas 1-1 team has got permits for ascending mountains like Burkjekhang (बुर्केखाङ), Malanfulan(मालानफुलान), Yalungkang(यालुङकाङ), Tenkangpoche(टेगंकांगपोचे) and Sarfu(सार्फुमा). In addition, 1-1 team had also got their ascending permits for mountains like Pumori (पुमोरी), Manaslu(मनास्लु) and Gaurigiri (गौगीरी).

For now, Government of Nepal is also doing the international media tour promoting Nepal is safe to visit after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. This has increased the no of foreign visitors in Nepal slowly but the curve is rising higher once again. Also, the Nepal Government is enhancing the quality over the quantity. This is because the government has initiated the year 2018 as the Visit Nepal Year. For travelers, trekkers and not to be missed for mountains and nature lovers, the Visit Nepal 2018 is going to be a great opportunity to explore the almighty mountains of the world, getting to know the culture and exploring the extreme wilderness of Natural beauty in a very minimum budget compared to rest of the years.

One personal suggestion, do pre-bookings earlier before the year 2018 starts as you never know when the hotel rooms will be filled because I just experienced a few days ago in our New Year 2074 (it might surprise somebody but we follow our own official Bikram Sambat or BS calendar instead of AD.)

All the best wishes! Everest is calling…

Dodhara Chandani Suspension Bridge

Dodhara Chandni is the longest suspension bridge of Nepal in the Mahakali Zone. The bridge divided into eight segments is suspended 1,452 meters over the Mahakali river in the Kanchanpur district of Far-Western Development region. The bridge constructed by the Nepalese engineers connects Dodhara and Chandni Municipality (then VDC) lying on the another side of Mahakali river.

The tourists find it as an exciting location for photography and swimming in the river Mahakali. The bridge and the region experiences a lot of Educational visits from various schools of Nepal. The another tourist destination of this district is Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

Dodhara Chandani Bridge Images

Famous song related to the bridge.

दोधारा झोलुंगे पुल वनबासाका गेट झुपा तम्रै मायाले ।
ऐलै मुई बाडुल्गी लागी हुनु रैछ भेट झुपा तम्रै मायाले ।।

Dodhara Jholunge Pool Vanbasa Gate Jhupa Timrai Mayale.
Aile mui badulli laagi hune raichha bheta jhupa timrai maya le.

Pathivara, the Temple and Taplejung District

Pathivara Temple in the Taplejung district is one of the famous temples for religious tourists coming from India as well as from the West. Thousands of thousands pilgrimage flocks to this temple each year. Pathivara Temple is situated at an altitude of 3798 meters above the sea level. Mount Kumbhakarna looks beautiful when you see from here.


Mt. Kumbhakarna or aka Kumbhakarna Himal as seen from Pathivara Temple.
Mt. Kumbhakarna or aka Kumbhakarna Himal as seen from Pathivara Temple.

Ashoj – Kartik is said to be the best season to visit this area. The locals say, most of the snowfall happens at this time and the weather will also be good.


How to reach Pathivara, Taplejung District?

You can go to Pathivara Temple directly but we have some good ways to make your Nepal travel more awesome. If you are travelling from Kathmandu or Pokhara, then don’t forget to visit Ilam first and head towards Pathivara. In this way, you will collect the amazing memory of the Ilam Team garden also. A flight from Kathmandu to Suketara and then walking 6 hours by foot you can reach here. You can also travel 2 days by bus and reach to Phedi (Fedi). It takes 5 hours of walk before you reach Pathivara Temple. There are several routes to get there. You can catch any public transportation or book a private vehicle.

Mustang, the upper one

Upper Mustang is one of the destinations of both national and international visitors. After the operation of public transportation from Jomsong to Mustang, there has been an increase in a number of national tourists too. Especially this season is considered as the best season to visit Upper Mustang.

It takes one day on a public transportation or you can enjoy trekking for three days to reach there. The lifestyle of the Mustang is quite different as compared to rest of the districts. So this became one of the main reason to attract tourists and it’s rising day by day.

Upper Mustang and the houses.
Upper Mustang and the houses.

Today the King of Mustang has its own pride even the country itself is a republic one.  The local and other people respect him very much. The famous spots of this place are Naturally Gufa (nine-storeyed cave), traditional culture, lifestyle, the luring view of nature and the Korala Naka (Nepal-China Border)

How to reach Mustang?

You can book a private vehicle from Kathmandu or Pokhara that takes you direct to Mustang with no any stops. Also, a flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Jomsong and a jeep ride up to Jomsong can also be done. There is no any motorable bridge on one of the river you will encounter. But don’t worry, just cross the river on foot and then the next vehicle on the another side of the river will take you to Mustang. It takes 6 hours to reach there.

Rara, the Lake and Mugu

Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal which lies in Mugu district of Far-western development region. Almost every Nepalese wants to visit Rara Lake once in their lifetime.  It lies at the height of 2990 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by the beautiful and evergreen forest and it’s amazing the people by changing its colour with respect to the rays of light it receives. The snow trout fish, (the rare fish only found in Rara lake) inhibits here with other three endemic fish species (Schizothorax macrophthalmus, S. nepalensis and S. raraensis) and one endemic frog, Rara Lake frog (Nanorana rarica).

Rara Lake - Boating - The Nepal UK
Tourists boating in the Rara Lake of Mugu district. Rara lake is the biggest lake of Nepal.

To get the full photo photometric view of Rara Lake, Murma Top, is one of the best location. The top lies at the height of 4500 meters above the sea level.  But, the expected number of international tourists haven’t visited yet in comparison to the local tourist because of its remoteness. However, the good news is more no of travel agencies, hotel business and even the government itself has initiated the tourism campaign. So, this year we saw slightly rise in the international visitors too. If you want to experience the wilderness beauty of nature then Rara Lake is the perfect destination. It used to one of the favourite places of late King Mahendra who once wrote a poem describing the beauty of Rara lake sitting under the Juniper tree.

Rara Lake, beautiful gem of Karnali,, a piece of heaven fallen on Earth.
Rara Lake, beautiful gem of Karnali, a piece of heaven fallen to Earth.

How to reach Rara Lake and Mugu?

Talcha Airport at Mugu can be reached by 50 minutes flight from Nepalgunj and trekking (walking) three hours you reach to the Rara Lake. Or, Rara lake trekking can be started from Surkhet district.  You can reach to Gamgadhi (Mugu) by two days bus journey. And after walking three hours by foot, you can reach Rara lake. Direct public buses or flights are in operation from Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major cities.